Internal Programs

Our empowerment center offers diverse programs to uplift and inspire women and girls to reach their full potential; securing grants for our empowerment center is a great accomplishment and will help sustain our programs throughout the year. Grants provide much-needed financial support, allowing us to expand our offerings, reach more people, and significantly impact your community Among these initiatives are skills training workshops, such as event decorating, where we recently hosted 14 women. Throughout the program, participants learned how to create captivating pinatas and stunning balloon garlands. As a culmination, each woman received a kit bag equipped to kickstart their events decorating business, empowering them to pursue entrepreneurship and financial independence. In collaboration with the Taiwan Technical Mission, we conducted a six-week manicure and pedicure program, welcoming 30 eager participants. All materials were provided throughout the sessions as women honed their nail care and aesthetics skills. Upon completion, participants were awarded certificates of achievement and a nail lamp, equipping them with the tools and credentials to thrive in the beauty industry. These programs exemplify our commitment to fostering self-confidence, skill development, and empowerment among women and girls in our community.

Partnership Programs

In addition to our internal programs, Hope Haven collaborates with various organizations to host critical workshops at our facility. These workshops cover vital topics such as human trafficking awareness, trauma-informed care, and teen dating abuse. By partnering with these organizations, we ensure our community receives essential education and resources to address pressing issues. We invite community members, including teachers, caregivers, police officers, political figures, and stakeholders to participate in these workshops. At Hope Haven, we believe in keeping the community closely involved and informed, fostering a collective effort to create a safer and more supportive environment for all.

Transitional Housing

Turning 18 should mark the beginning of exciting possibilities, not the end of support. At our home, we understand the challenges faced by young adults aging out of the foster care system. That’s why we’ve created a nurturing transitional home where these young adults and survivors of gender-based violence can continue their education, pursue employment opportunities, and receive the guidance they need to thrive. We’re equipping them with the tools to break free from the cycle of hardship and create lives filled with hope, possibility, and financial stability. We’re rewriting their stories and ensuring that no one has to face the journey to adulthood alone.