DV Center

Our Vision

At Hope Haven’s Domestic Violence Outreach Center, our mission is simple: to PROTECT victims, PREVENT violence, and EMPOWER survivors.

Our vision includes the building of an empowerment center that specializes in skills training for the women in our community. These skills training programs will include: massage therapy classes, sewing, baking, nail technician classes, mechanic training along with financial intelligence training. It is our commitment to ensure that the women in our care have the necessary tools and skills to open and manage their own business and thrive as independent women. Today, our center specializes in a wide array of vital healing and protective services including crisis support, emergency shelter, sexual assault advocacy including onsite counseling, and legal/court advocacy to all current or past victims of domestic violence, sexual assault free of charge. Our center continues to grow and mold to fit the needs of our growing and changing community, to better assist the women, men, and children who find themselves in the crisis and critical situation of domestic and sexual violence.

Emergency Shelter

Hope Haven’s Domestic Violence Resource Center has 3 bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. Each bedroom can accommodate 2 to 6 individuals based on family size and needs. The shelter’s maximum capacity is 18 individuals. The shelter also has a laundry area and a communal area. It is our intention to install a children’s play area on the property with the collaboration of our stakeholder and donors.

The shelter allows victims the opportunity to take the necessary steps to recover, heal and be free from abuse and violence. We have on-site shelter advocates who support each individual and family in regaining their lives apart from fear, violence and control. Case management is tailored to the unique needs of the individual which may include referrals for employment or education assistance, onsite legal assistance, onsite counseling, and finding a permanent housing solution.


After 4 years of hard advocacy work for women and children in our community, Hope Haven Belize was presented with an opportunity by Mr. Mike and Lydia Brown to restore and renovate a property with a two story building for the purpose of establishing a domestic violence shelter. Hope Haven Belize began the restoration of the property to establish Hope Haven’s Domestic Violence Outreach Center. Wth the dedication of our stakeholders and donors, Hope Haven Belize was able to create a confidential, emergency, safe shelter – deemed “Hope Haven’s Domestic Violence Outreach Center”. This center opened its doors on December 15th 2021 to serve the community of San Pedro Town.